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  • Are you currently selling on Amazon and looking for a way to rapidly grow your business? Do you dream of seeing your revenue double, or more? Or have you always wanted to get into e-commerce as a way to make extra money?
  • Are you frustrated by the complicated rules of engagement on Amazon? Have you found it impossible to get a response regarding your issues? Are you confused by Amazon’s constantly changing seller requirements?
  • Do you find the logistics of running an e-commerce company overwhelming? Do terms like polybagging, LTL, FBA and “perfect orders” make you want to scream? Could you benefit from expert tips on maximizing margins, reducing shipping costs, and winning the Buy Box?

The Amazon Game

  • The Amazon Marketplace offers the world’s biggest online opportunity to make money, but it’s not an easy place to succeed. Cutthroat competition, complex algorithms, and stringent requirements make it almost impossible for the average seller to win.
  • With a low barrier to entry, millions jump in before they know what they’re doing. Suddenly, they find themselves managing a complicated business that requires knowledge in areas they’ve never dealt with—and exposes them to liability they may not be aware of.
  • Between Amazon’s high commissions and competitive pricing that changes by the minute, it can be very hard to make a decent profit margin. Without a strategy in place, your hours of hard work can easily result in a loss.

Exclusive Access

  • We have exclusive relationships with Amazon: we’ve been to their offices in Seattle, we’ve sat down with their Director of Seller Services, we know their policies and procedures inside and out. Simply put: we have total insider access.
  • Our exclusive access means we’re an exclusive service. We’re selective about the clients we accept and only take people with a burning desire to succeed. We accepted just 100 clients last year and have room for only 100 more. Will you be in that number?
  • There aren’t many businesses like ours and there’s a reason: acquiring this kind of information and access is hard. Most people simply give up. But we are the rarest of businesses: the one that didn’t give up, the one that succeeded, and the one that wants to share the knowledge.

We’re Your ACE

  • We’ve been in e-commerce for years and we know how the game is played. So you’ll get coaching from the best in the business. Our greatest passion is seeing others succeed, because there’s plenty of room for everyone—if you know what you’re doing!
  • Your time is valuable. Why spend time packing boxes when you could be spending it with your family? Or on vacation? Experience the joy of financial freedom today.
  • Don’t wait! Every minute you hesitate is a minute you could be making more money. Click the button below to become an Amazon expert now.

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